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Keep Your Phone Safe While Using Public WiFi? | 24smartphones


How To Keep Your Phone Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi? | 24smartphones 

Who does not like free internet Whenever we see a free or open Wi-Fi around us, the joy of our face increases completely. And we do not think even a little while connecting our phone to that open Wi-Fi. But do you know that someone can steal your data by connecting your phone to that Wi-Fi?

To avoid that Wi-Fi, I am going to tell you some tips and tricks that whenever you connect your phone to Wi-Fi, you can make your internet connection secure from them.

 1. Don't open an unsecured website. 

Coffee shop shopping malls any public place where you are using public Wi-Fi. First, keep in mind that whatever website you're accessing. Then there is a web address on top of it and there must be https in the starting. Because there are so many websites. It doesn't contain https. Without https website is not secure.
how to Keep Your Phone Safe While Using Public WiFi ?
Secure website

It will be that whatever the information you put on that website will be encrypted. You won't be able to accept any of your information because open Wi-Fi is easily accessible.

2. Don't transition money.

Whenever you are connected to a public Wi-Fi and you are doing money transactions, Internet banking, debit cards are doing any transaction related to credit card, then you try to use the website by not using the mobile application.
how to Keep Your Phone Safe While Using Public WiFi
don't transition money

It is not necessary that our application encrypted protocol is not using https. Some applications are not secure. That is why risk is not there but banking or any other website uses the encrypted protocol https. Therefore, whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi, do not use the mobile application and access it from the website.

 3. Don't open file-sharing applications. 

It is important that whenever you are connected to public Wi-Fi, keep in mind that no file sharing option should be turned on in your phone.
How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Using Public WiFi ?
Don't open file-sharing applications. 

If you are an Android and iOS user, do not use any file sharing applications at that time. And keep your Bluetooth off.

4. Turn Off Auto Wi-Fi connected. 

Turn off the auto Wi-Fi connect option of your phone. Because what happens is that often it is not even known and your phone is connected to any open Wi-Fi. And what is it that the risk of your phone information being leaked increases.

 5. Use a VPN. 

If you use regularly public Wi-Fi, you must use VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that shares all the information between the Internet and you. VPN encrypts it. So, no external users can read it. So many VPN is available in the play store. Anyone you can use it.

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