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5 Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks for Daily Life - 2020


5 Gmail Tips And  Tricks

Gmail Tips and Tricks:- You know that every second more than 28 lakh Gmail are sent and 67% of these emails are spam. In this post, I am going to tell you 10 tips and tricks of Gmail which will definitely help in your daily life.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Gmail Tips and Tricks

1. Create Gmail Contact  Groups.

If you are in the office, then you will need to send an email to many people daily. Now, different staff will have to send different emails there. They would type Gmail one by one and then send mail after that but it is very long. There is also a way that you can create groups of emails.

To create a group of emails

1. First, go to the contact option and you need to generate a label.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Open Contact

2. click on the create contact and create all your contact lists.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Create Lable
3. Fill the contact details.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Fill the Details
4. If you click on the manage label icon, then here you will find the label that you have created, click and apply, then this is the label of EXAMPLE group name on all the contacts you have selected. will come.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Select your Group name

5. After this, if you want to send an email, then click on Compose. You have to type an example group. As soon as you type an example group, all the email IDs you entered in the example group level will come together.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Write Group name in "To" Section. 

2. Send Gmail According to your Time. 

If you want to send the mail to a particular time, then you can send it to the schedule.

1. First, writing Gmail, click the "schedule Send" Option in below.

2. Set the time and date according to you.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Set Time and Date According to you

3. Mail will be sent at your given time.

3. Access To Gmail Account.

Now it happens that we're out of nowhere and some office mails are lying on our email id. The boss's call you could give me the password for your email ID so that I could print out the mail. so, this time Without giving your email id and password, you can give it permission to use your Gmail.

1. Go to the setting and get to the account and import tabs.

2. The option below is to click on "Grant access to the account" and you have to type the other person's Gmail id and send the mail.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Enter Other Person Gmail Id 

3. If the person sending the request to your mail Id. If you accept it, you can read it in your Gmail.

4. If you want you can also delete it.

4. Change Gmail Name.

Sometimes it happens that we create an email id by some other name. And we think the email id has been created later by the wrong name. Important messages are sent to the email id. Connect the old email ID message with the new Gmail. so that you will have to check the message again and again. For this, the old email id has to be linked to the new Gmail id.

1. Go to Settings and select "forwarding and pop / IMAP"

2. clicking on "forwarding address" Option and type the Old Gmail Id.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
3. This will forward all mails on your old Gmail to your new email id.

5. Automatic Send Message.

If you are on vacation but the inbox is getting lots of messages. So how can you tell them that you are on vacation? We will definitely contact you when you return. So how can you send auto message them?

1. First of all, go to the setting and select the "general option".

2. Scroll down and turn on the" Vacation Responder".

3. Select the first and last dates according to your own.
Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks
Select Date and Time 

4. write the subject and message. what you tell?? and save it.

5. Whenever there is a message in the inbox, it will be auto replayed.

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