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5 best website to work online jobs in 2020 | 24smartphones


5 website to work online jobs | 24smartphones

5 websites to work online jobs: - If you searching for online jobs then you can work on this 5 website then you can earn a lot of money.

If you work on this website, you can earn 1 lakh of the month comfortably. And you can earn more than that.

If you do more work on this 5 website, then you can also get more money. you work on this 5 website then you can earn money sitting at home.

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Top 5 best website to work online jobs in 2020


    This website is only for the people of India. This is a government website. You can do part-time and full-time jobs on this website.

    It is important to make your resume before using this website. Because many people apply on this website. If your resume is good, then companies can give you a job.

    You can apply for jobs according to your skills. So this is a great online job website. And it is a trusted website.

    So if you want to work on this website, then you can visit this website by clicking here.


    Upwork is a service website. Where you can provide your service through this website. 

    For example, suppose you know how to do data entry work well. There will be many companies that will have to do data entry work. They will come and search on Upwork. If those people liked your profile, then they can definitely order you.

    If you want to work on Upwork, then your profile will have to be well customized. Gradually your profile will become old. So orders will keep coming to you.

    Not only the data entry work on this website, whatever skills you have, but you also have to write it on all the profiles. According to that, you will get orders.

    If you become successful in this work, then you can earn millions of rupees in it.

    This is an online job website. Click on it too and visit the website click here.


    eBay is an e-commerce website. There are two ways you can work on eBay.

    The first way. Earn money by selling your product on eBay. And the other way is Affiliate marketing. All of you people know about Affiliate marketing.

    In this, you have to share the link of the product on social media and buy that product. If any person buys the product by clicking on that link, you will get commission up to some percentage.

    So you can make money by doing Affiliate marketing in this way. There is also some online website to do Affiliate marketing such as Amazon, Flipkart, there are many such big online websites where you can earn a lot of money by doing Affiliate marketing.

    If you want to do Affiliate marketing on the eBay website, then click on it you can go to eBay website click here.


    You can also earn money from Google. Google is a product somewhere. Which is called Blogger.

    You can earn money by showing Google Ads on Blogger. In this, you have to write a good article. Whenever your blog will be ranked on Google and people will start coming to your blog. Then you can get money.

    On Present day, the most money is earned from blogging. Blogging is also a great online job website. 

    If you want to do blogging, you can create an account by clicking here.

    Url Shortener.

    Everyone will know about the Url shortener website. This is a famous and Ads-showing website.

    You do not have to do any work on this website. All you have to do is shorten the link. That is, wishes script come out on WhatsApp on the festival day somewhere. Those scripts have to shorten the URL by going to the URL shortener. Ads will appear before anyone who clicks on the link and goes to the wishes script.

    So in this way you can earn money by shortening the URL. This Url Shortener can also be used in your youtube description.

    There are many websites to do Url Shortener, but the website that pays more money is a fly website.

    If you want to create an account on this website, you can create an account by clicking here.

    Read:- "Best 5 Keyword Research Tools "If you want to read this article, you can read it by clicking here.

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