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ios vs android which is better? | why ios are better than android


ios vs android which is better?

In the smartphone world, many people ask. Who are the best ios are android? Some people like Android and some people like ios. Some people say Android is the best. And some people say ios is the best. There is always a fight between these two phones. So let's see. In which subject Android is better than ios. And ios is better than Android in which subject. what do you think ios vs android which phone do you like android are apple.
ios vs android which is better?

    ios vs android.

    When it comes to buying both phones. People think ios is better than Android. And some people say Android is better than ios. There are some points which show which phones are better on Android and ios. Both phones have some pros and cons.

    ios vs android pros and cons.

    Both of these phones have some pros and cons. So to see what features the phone you want.

    Android Better than ios:

    The features available in Android are not available in feature ios. It shows here that Android is better than ios with respect to these features.

    • You can customize your favorite in Android. You can change the theme or launcher. The way you want to customize is in Android can easily. But ios can't customize.
    • Android will get you 10,000. But ios you will get above 60.000. ios is a very expensive phone. Which is difficult to buy for common people.
    File sharing:
    • Talking about file sharing, Android is better than ios. Because with Android we can share files. But ios I do file sharing which is quite difficult. A password or something has to be done. But nothing like this in Android.
    USB Otg Support:
    • USB OTG option is available in Android phones. Which iOS don't get You can copy the file to Android by applying USB OTG to Android. Who can't in ios.
    ios better than android:

    The futures available in ios are not available in future android. It shows here that ios are better than android with respect to these features.

    • Android phones do not have optimization. The meaning of optimization, which is the software of Android phones, is what Google prepares. And the model that the company does. In this way, the process of combining these two optimizes the process. Apple makes its own processor and design itself. So Apple can optimize. Which it does not do in Android. Apple, once an update comes, it gets updated in all phones. But if the update comes in Android for years. ios are the best in terms of optimization.
    • Apps work smoothly on the iPhone. Which is not in Android. Whatever app is released, it first comes in the Apple Store. Later in the play store, you are seen.
    • The processor of the iPhone is amazing. Because Apple makes its own processor. Which consists of a chipset. It is Apple's chipset. The more phones we use,  the phone will work speedily. But in Android, if we use the phone above 1 hour, then its battery becomes hot and the phone starts to be Stuck problem. But all the problems are not in Apple, as much as we use phones, this phone will work faster.

    ios vs android security.

    Apple's security is 100 times better than Android. Because security is not so good on Android. Because of Android which is the Play Store. We will get many apps on it. Which contains some antivirus and Malwarebytes. It happens that whoever uploads the app in the play store. It does not check you. And we download that app. the phone starts being Stuck.

    if you want to upload an app to Apple. The Apple Store filters this app and can install the app only if that app is secure. So in this way, Apple is safe from Android.

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