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What is VPN? | Uses of VPN in


What is a VPN?

You can use a VPN on a laptop, smartphone & computer. The full formula of VPN is a virtual private network. With this help, you can change the IP address of another country by changing your IP address. One advantage of this is that you can easily access any website in your country.  There is an application through which you can easily access any website. For example, when we open any one movie website, an error show occurs. Neither this website has any such error show blocked, so we use a VPN to access it. You can easily access any website through a VPN.

Uses of VPN

Uses of VPN.

If you are connected to one rooter, then you do any data transfer. So your data is not completely secure. So to avoid those big companies also use a VPN. When you connect to the VPN, your data becomes secure. Using a VPN changes your location. And your IP address also changes. Apart from the country in which you live, the website opens new in that country. So if you want to open then you can use a VPN.

VPNs have some disadvantages and some advantages. We should use this carefully. So let's see the disadvantages and advantages.

Benefits of VPN:
  •  You can easily access any website.
  • Some websites have such data is restricted in a particular country, so you can also view it through a VPN.
  • You can open a blocked website through a VPN.

The disadvantage of the VPN:  It has many disadvantages like...
  •  It may be that your data can also be stolen. because whatever your internet service provider has your IP address. And maybe he can also track you which website you are going to. What you are seeing and all your internet service provider can see.
  • The government can also keep an eye on you. Because you are opening a banned website. Which the government has banned.
  • If you get an open network then you will also get lost. For example, while using an open network, your personal data can also be stolen in some cases.

Uses of VPN in China.

VPN is a great need for the people of China.VPNs are definitely on the phones of Chinese people. But the Chinese government has decided to block VPN. China has a Google band and with them YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Map, and Gmail everything that is related to Google is a block in China, so a VPN is needed to open this network. And most Chinese people use a VPN.

In China, no Google product runs. China has produced its own product. So in China, if we want to use Google's product, then VPN must be used.

Difference between Proxy and VPN.

The work of both of these is the Same. but there is some difference, so let's see what is the differences.

We can use the proxy server only for a particular website. But there is no limitation in the VPN that it accesses at all. VPN covers the entire PC and phone. But Proxy only accesses a particular website and a phone application. proxy is mostly not secure. But in the case of VPN, data leaks only in some cases. most of the VPN are safe, Compared to Proxy. So VPN is the best from the proxy. But these two should not be used mostly. This can cause you a lot of damage.

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