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Blogger vs wordpress: which platform is better than Blogging??


Blogger vs WordPress: which platform is better than Blogging??

Blogger Vs Wordpress - When we think of doing work on blogging, the same question arises in our mind that in which platform should we do Blogging. There are so many platforms for blogging doing on the internet such as Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Wix. There are many platforms like this.

But many users always use Blogger and WordPress only. Because the blogger is a product of Google and we can use it for free. Talking about WordPress, it is not free, but by using WordPress, we can make our website like a professional through plugins.

That's why many people always think about which platform we should do blogging. In this article, I have told about the difference between both blogger and WordPress in both platforms. In these two platforms, in which platform should we do blogging, which platform should not do. I have shared the detail with you
Blogger vs wordpress
Blogger vs WordPress

which platform is Easy to us

Blogger easy to use -

It is very easy to use blogger. Its interface can be understood by a new blogger easily. And he can be blogging comfortably in the blogger.

The blogger platform is the best and easy for new bloggers. For those who want to do blogging easily. It is the best choice.

Wordpress easy to use - 

Using WordPress is very difficult. Because it is the interface that it has difficulty for the new blogger. How to download WordPress with it and how to use it is very difficult for the new blogger.

WordPress interface is very easy and helpful for those who have advanced bloggers.

Control - Blogger Vs Wordpress 

Control option in Blogger -

The control panel of Blogger is not so terrible that we find it difficult to use. But for new bloggers, the control panel of the blogger is very easy. In this, we get only the option of Post, Traffic, Earning, Template, setting which we can use.

Control option in Wordpress -

In WordPress, we'll get a lot of options that we can give our website a professional look. It may take time to understand the control panel of a new blogger. 

Design - Blogger Vs Wordpress

Design option in blogger -

The design of the blogger is very simple. Any person can easily understand the blogger's design. We cannot design our website like a professional by using a blogger's templates. But we can download the template from the internet and upload it to the blogger. Which we can design our website like a professional.

Design option in WordPress -

In WordPress, we will get many features that can be used to design your website like a professional. The best thing in WordPress is that we get plugins in it. Whatever we want to design on our website, we can do it through plugins.

For example, the CSS code is needed to form the table of content in the blogger. In the same WordPress, we can install the table of content by installing a simple plugin. In WordPress, the plugin is the main part that attracts people to do blogging in WordPress.

Control - Blogger Vs Wordpress 

Control option in Blogger -

The control panel of Blogger is not so terrible that we find it difficult to use. But for new bloggers, the control panel of the blogger is very easy. In this, we get only the option of Post, Traffic, Earning, Template, setting which we can use.

Control option in Wordpress -

In WordPress, we'll get a lot of options that we can give our website a professional look. It may take time to understand the control panel of a new blogger. 

Security - Blogger Vs Wordpress

Security in blogger -

Even after a blogger is a free service, it provides security with an SSL certificate to us. There is no issue in blogging in case of security. In this, Google makes our data secure. If there is an issue, it immediately alerts us. In the case of security, we can use Blogger.

security in WordPress -

In WordPress, we do not get any SSL certificate security. We have to buy from this hosting service. The security of this depends on the hosting service taken. The better hosting you get, the better the security will be. That is, the security of WordPress depends on you.

hosting - Blogger Vs Wordpress 

hosting in blogger -

In blogger, we don't need any hosting. because blogger is a Google service that doesn't require any hosting. Blogger is a website where we have to create an account and do blogging. So the blogger doesn't require any hosting.

hosting in WordPress -

In WordPress, we have to buy hosting from any other hosting service. We cannot open Wordpress without hosting. Because without hosting we do not get Cpanel of WordPress. To open WordPress we need Cpanel and Cpanel is available only from hosting. If your hosting is not good then you may get to see many problems. Whenever you buy hosting for WordPress, buy hosting from a good service.

Price - Blogger Vs Wordpress

Price in Blogger -

There is no need to pay any charge to use blogger. Because the blogger is a Google service and it provides service to its costumers for free. The best thing in blogger is that in this we get free hosting or security. The same things have to be paid in WordPress. people who want to do new blogging. Blogger is the best choice for people who have no money.

Price in WordPress -

We have to pay to use WordPress. because WordPress does not provide free service. If you do blogging in WordPress, then you need money to buy a good hosting. That is, without money, you cannot blogging in WordPress.

Seo - Blogger Vs WordPress

Seo in blogger -

In blogger, we do not have any special tools available to do SEO. In this, we do not have any special features except simple permalink, description. So in this way, we cannot complete SEO in blogger. But blogger is Google's product. Google gives the first priority to the blogger articles in the search engine.

Seo in WordPress -

You will get lots of plugins to do SEO in WordPress. By using which we can rank the article in the search engine. Apart from this, by using plugins, you can also fast index the article into Google search console. Wordpress is best at SEO points. In this, we can rank the article by using different types of plugins.

Updates - blogger Vs WordPress

Updates in blogger -

We do not get to see any updates in the blogger. Even if updates come, nothing much happens. In case of updates, we cannot expect anything from the blogger.

Updates in WordPress -

Every month some new update comes in WordPress. Wordpress is the best in terms of updates and it also provides good service to its costumers.

My Advice -

After seeing all this result, you can select the platform on which you want to blog. But I have an advice for a new blogger. If you want to do blogging seriously, then you should be blogging in a blogger. Because you know how to do blogging. 

When you export to Blogger, that blog is in Blogger. They can switch to WordPress and do blogging. If you use WordPress directly, you will not know the basic information about blogging.

Consultation -

Now you will know what is the difference between WordPress and blogger and on which platform we should be blogging. If you have any questions from this article, you can ask by commenting below.

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How To Increase TikTok Followers - 24smart Tech


How To Increase TikTok Followers 

Increase TikTok followers - Tiktok is one of the largest social media video sharing platforms after YouTube. Everyone in India is making and uploading videos on Tiktok.

A lot of people have also become famous for using Tiktok. In this, many people want to be famous for making videos on Tiktok. If 1M likes and followers are made on Tiktok then that person becomes famous.

Everyone wants to increase followers and likes on Tiktok. This article is very helpful for those people who want to increase followers and likes on Tiktok.

In this article, how can I grow up on Tiktok followers? Which tip to follow I have discussed in this article.
how to increase followers on tiktok
How to increase TikTok followers

what is TikTok??

Tik Tok is a social media platform where new videos are uploaded everyday. We can compare TikTok to youtube. Why do you upload videos in TikTok which you do on youtube? But only short videos can be uploaded in TikTok.

Why do TikTok users want to increase followers ??

The more followers on TikTok, the more popularity is increased. That means, the more followers are increasing, the more famous they are. With that popularity, you can earn lakhs of rupees every month. Many TikTok users earn money by increase followers. Every day people search for a new idea to be famous on TikTok. I have shared some tips and tricks which can be used to increase followers on TikTok.

How to increase TikTok followers

If you follow all these steps, you can increase followers on TikTok in a short time. But all tips are followed regularly.

1. update - 

The more you update, the more followers will increase. That is, you have to upload 2 or 3 videos every day regularly. After uploading videos one day, you don't have to do upload the video the next day. Continually uploading videos will make your profile strong. It increases the chances of your video becoming viral.

2. duet videos -

You all must have seen many people on TikTok have made duet videos with famous people. And his followers will also be good. By making duet videos with famous people, there are chances to grow likes on your videos. Because people always like a famous person. If you make a duet video for famous people, then there are chances to increase the likes on your video.

3. Upload original content.

Many people upload the same content repeatedly on TikTok. By giving a video of someone else, they create the same video and upload it. By doing this, users will not be so attracted to your videos.

If you want to be famous on TikTok, then upload some new and interesting content every day. So that your videos will be interesting and they can follow and like you.

4. Use the Tags

When you create a video, you must use Tag. Use the tag which is trending at that time. By doing this you can get likes on your video. Because if someone clicks on that trending tag, then your video can also show in that tag.

5. Social media sharing

In today's time, everyone uses the social media platform. In this way, if you share videos of TikTok on all social media platforms, Your friends and relatives can like and follow by watching the video.

6. Create Attractive videos

If you make comedy or dancing videos on TikTok, then you have to take care that people are liking your videos or not. That means a lot of likes and views are coming on your comedy video, so make a comedy video. People who like comedy videos can follow you.

Many people come to watch comedy videos on TikTok, so if you create a comedy video, then your followers can also increase.

Increase TikTok followers Consultation -

I hope that this article will increase your TikTok followers. Carefully read all the tips and tricks mentioned in it. Followers will definitely grow on your Tiktok.

If you liked this article, share this article with your friends on Facebook or WhatsApp groups. He could also be able to grow the following on the Tiktok.

If there is any query from this article, you must comment below. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day.

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computer keyboard Shortcut keys - 24Smartphones

Computer Keyboard Shortcut keys - 24Smartphones

Hello friends - If you are a computer user or want to learn a computer, this article is very useful for you.  In this article, I have mentioned about 55 computer keyboard shortcut keys which are very useful for you.

If you are a beginner and you do not know which are the basic keyboard shortcut keys on the computer. So you can see this article. In this, I have clearly explained about a shortcut.

In addition to computer keyboard shortcuts, you also mention shortcuts to the browser and shortcuts to excel.
Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

    Computer keyword shortcut keys

    What is the keyboard shortcut keys??

    A keyboard shortcut means working with the keyboard itself. Most of the mouse is used when we do any work. Working without a mouse is called a keyboard shortcut.

    In this, we have to work without touching the mouse.

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    Can we speed up work with keyboard shortcuts??

    Yes, keyboard shortcuts can work quickly. When we do anything, most of the mouse is used. By using the mouse, again and again, the time we want to complete the work is not known at that time. 

    If we use the shortcut, the 1-hour work can be complete in 30 minutes. Most people also like a shortcut.

    Basic Computer Keyboard Shortcut Key -

    Keyboard Shortcut Keys.  Description.
    Alt + F4 Close the current Tab
    Ctrl + Z Undo
    Ctrl + Y Redo
    Ctrl + C Copy
    Ctrl + V Paste 
    Ctrl + A Select all Text
    Ctrl + X Cut the file
    Alt +Tab Change one window to another window
    Alt + Esc Easily Switch to an active program 
    Ctrl + Esc (or) Window Open Start Menu Bar
    Window + L Lock The Window Screen
    Window + Pause Break Open the Properties
    Window + E Open the File Explorer
    Window + D (or) M Minimize the Window
    Ctrl + W Close the Open Window
    Shift + F10 Open the desktop shortcut menu
    Alt + F4 + Enter Shout down the computer.
    Ctrl + Alt + Delete Open the Task Manager in any situation
    Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open the Window Task Manager
    Window + Arrows (←↑→↓) You can set the window to left, right, or Minimize.
    Window + Shift + S Capture the window screen.
    Window + Ctrl + D Open the Virtual Desktop
    Window + Ctrl + Arrow(←→) Transfer one desktop to another desktop
    F1 Open the Help menu of any software
    F2 Rename of any software and folder name.
    F3 Open the search bar in File Explorer.
    F4 Open the Address Bar in File Explorer
    F5 Refresh window desktop.
    computer keyboard Shortcut keys
    Computer keyboard shortcut keys

    1. Alt + F4 or (Ctrl + F4)
    This shortcut is used basically to close any program directly. More people click on x to close the program. But you can close the program by using Alt + F4 key from the keyboard.

    2. Ctrl + Z

    Sometimes our file gets deleted by mistake. So we can undo the file by pressing Ctrl + Z.

    3. Ctrl + Y

    The reverse of undo is redo. Redo is called to delete the returned file again.

    4. Ctrl + C

    You can copy the selected file or text with this shortcut.

    5. Ctrl + V

    This shortcut can past the copied file.

    6. Ctrl + A

    With this keyboard shortcut, you can select all the text or folder simultaneously.

    7. Ctrl + X

    You can easily cut any file with this shortcut.

    8. Alt + Tab

    If you open a lot of programs or applications in your computer and if you want to move from one application to another, then you have to press the Alt + Tab key and you will get a list of all the programs that are open.

    9. Alt + Esc

    This shortcut is very useful for you. This key can easily switch to all programs that have active programs on your computer.

    10. Ctrl + Esc

    Pressing this key opens the start menu bar of the computer. However, pressing the window key also opens the start menu. But there is also a way that the Start menu can be opened.

    11. Window + L

    Pressing this shortcut will lock the window. Will reach the screen where you enter the password.

    12. Window + Pause Break.

    With this shortcut, you can directly open the properties of the window.

    13. Window + E

    Pressing this key opens the computer's file explorer.

    14. Window + D or M

    This shortcut uses basically as many windows open. All of them are used to minimize and go directly to the desktop. We use the mouse to minimize the page. With this shortcut, you can minimize the window with the Keyboard.

    15. Ctrl + w

    With this shortcut, you can directly close the opened file.

    16. Shift + F10

    This shortcut can open the display shortcut menu

    17. Alt + F4 and Enter

    Most computers use the mouse to turn off the computer. But we can also shut down the computer with the keyboard. By pressing Alt + F4 on the keyboard, you can shut down the computer.

    18. Ctrl + Alt + Delete 

    With this shortcut, you can open Task manager. You can use it which hangs a software on your computer, then you can use this shortcut and go to task manager and end that software.

    19. Ctrl + shift +Esc 

    Pressing this shortcut opens the Task manager of the window. And it tells how many software is running in your system at this time. All of this can be seen with this shortcut key.

    20. Window + Arrow (← ↑ → ↓)

    With this shortcut, you can set the window to left or right. 

    21. Window + Shift + S

    With this short cut key, a particular position of the computer can be screen-captured. This shortcut only works in the latest version of window 10.

    22. Window + Ctrl + D

    You can open a virtual desktop with this shortcut.

    23. Window + Ctrl + left and right arrows

    With this shortcut, you can easily move from one desktop to another. If you have kept all your desktop open.

    24. F1

    With this shortcut, you can open the help menu of any program or software. Press F1, the software you are on. The help menu of the software will open.

    25.  F2

    This key is used to rename any file.

    26. F3.

    With this key, you can search for a particular folder on the computer.

    27. F4

    By using this key, you can open the address bar of the computer. And repeat the last action.

    28. F5

    With the help of this key, we can refresh the window.

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    Browser Keyboard Shortcut Keys -

    Keyboard Shortcut Keys Description
    Ctrl + T Open a New Tab in The Browser
    Shift + Arrow Select The Text Without Using Mouse.
    Ctrl + H Open the  History menu in the browser.
    Ctrl + J Open The Download Menu
    Ctrl + D Bookmark The URL Page
    Ctrl + Click Open link in New Tab
    Ctrl + F Find any Particular word in Browser
    Ctrl + N Open a New Window On the Browser
    Ctrl + Shift + N Open Incognito Window
    Ctrl + Shift + Y Restore Delete Tab On the Browser
    Ctrl + and - Zoom In and Zoom Out
    F10 Open the Menu Bar of any software
    F12Open the Phone Look window

    29. Ctrl + T

    This shortcut is used to open a new tab in the browser. basically, we click on the + icon to open the new tab in the browser. But we can use Ctrl + T from the keyboard to open the new Tab.

    30. Shift + Arrows (← → ↑ ↓) 

    With this shortcut, you can select the text without using the mouse.

    31. Ctrl + H 

    To delete history in the browser, you have to delete the history by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting the history option. But with the shortcut Ctrl + H you can delete the history by going directly to history.

    32. Ctrl + J

    With this shortcut, you can open the download menu tab directly.

    33. Ctrl + D

    With this shortcut, you open your URL page in the browser. You can bookmark this URL.

    34. Ctrl + Click 

    When we search on the browser, to open this link in a new tab, we have to right-click and click on the Open Link in New Tab. But with this shortcut, a new tab will open as soon as you click. To do this, you have to press the Ctrl button on the keyboard and click on the link that you want to open in a new tab. Your link will open in a new tab.

    35. Ctrl + F

    With this shortcut, you can see how many times a particular word has been repeated on the page.

    36. Ctrl + N

    This shortcut key can open a new window on the browser.

    37. Ctrl + Shift + N 

    With this shortcut Key, you can directly open Incognito Tab on Browser

    38. Ctrl +Shift + Y 

    We open a lot of Tabs on the browser. But accidentally all tabs are closed. So with this shortcut, you can restore all tabs. 

    39. Ctrl + and -

    With this shortcut, you can zoom in and zoom out the browser screen.

    40. F10

    Pressing this key in the browser can get the look of the phone. i.e. inspect the Html page of that website can open

    With the help of this key, the menu bar of any software can be open.

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    Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys - 

    Keyboard shortcut Key Description
    Alt or F10 Open the Excel menu without using the mouse
    Ctrl + F2 Print the Excel File
    Ctrl + B Bold the selected text
    Ctrl + F Find
    Ctrl + H Replace
    Ctrl + I Italic the selected Text
    Ctrl + U Underline the Selected Text
    Ctrl + Arrow Go the Last Column and Last row fo the excel
    Control + Semicolon Put the current data in any cell
    Alt + Ctrl + F2 Upload documents
    Ctrl + Shift + $ Number to currency
    Ctrl + Shift + Colon Add Current time in excel cell
    F5 Find and Replace
    F7 Find Related Words
    F11 Convert Table to Chart

    41. Alt or F10

    You can open the Excel, PowerPoint, or micro office menu without using the mouse with this keyboard short cut. All it takes is to press and hold the Alt key for a while and some letters will appear in the menu bar. The letter you press will open the menu. There will be a letter on top of what you want to open, as soon as you type that letter, it will also open without using the mouse.

    42. Ctrl + F2

    Using this Keyboard shortcut key, you can print the file by going to the print preview directly in excel.

    43. Ctrl + B

    With this key, you can directly bold selected text.

    44. Ctrl + F

    With this shortcut, you can see how many times the circular word has been repeated on the page.

    45. Ctrl + H

    With this shortcut, you can find and replace the particular word.

    46. Ctrl + I

    With this shortcut, you can italic by selecting text.

    47. Ctrl + U

    This shortcut can underline a particular word.

    48. ctrl + arrows

    With this shortcut, you can go directly to the last row and last column of excel.

    49. ctrl + semicolon

    With this key, you can put the current date in any cell in excel

    50. Alt + Ctrl + F2

    With this key, you can open and upload documents in Ms. Word or Excel.

    51. Ctrl + shift + $

    With this key, you can change a particular number to currency in excel.

    52. Ctrl + Shift + (colon)

    With this key, you can apply the current time in any cell in excel

    53. F5

    With the help of this key, you can find a particular word and replace it.

    54. F7

    With the help of this key, you can find any related word in ms word and excel.

    55. F11

    With the help of this key, you can create a table chart in one second. Selecting the table and pressing the F11 key will create a chart.

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    Consultation -

    I hope that you liked this computer keyboard shortcut keys article. If there is any question on this article, I can comment and ask, I will definitely try to answer.

    I hope that someone new has learned from this article today. If you liked the article, then your friend must also share this article in WhatsApp or Facebook group

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    15 Best Google Adsense alternatives for blogger in 2020 - 24Smart Tech

    15 Best Google Adsense alternatives For Blogger In 2020

    Best Google Adsense alternatives - Hello friends, it is very difficult to get approval from Google Adsense in today's time. It has become difficult to fulfill the requirement of Google AdSense.

    There are a lot of websites that Google does not give Adsense approval. So in this situation, we find the best Google AdSense alternatives. So in this article, I told you about the 15 Best Google Adsense alternatives. That provides Quality Ads and good earning Just like Google Adsense.

    If your website is not getting the approval of Google. Then it must use the 15 best Google Adsense alternatives once. You will also get approval easily in this ad network.

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    15 Best Google Adsense alternatives for blogger in 2020

      Best Google adsense

      What is Google Adsense?

      Google Adsense is an advertising program. This is a Google service. You can earn money by placing ads on the website or any platform by taking ads of this Google Adsense.

      Many people think that they can also promote their products in Google Adsense. But you cannot promote your products in Google Adsense. In this, you can apply only the ads on your website.

      If you want to promote your products then you can promote the product in google ads program. google ads is also a Google service. so, you can Promat The Product.

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      Which type of website is best for Google Adsense.

      Google Adsense sees ads on a genuine website. If your content is genuine, there is no copyright content, you can put Google's Ads on your website.

      If your content is copyright, then Google's ads cannot be placed on your website. In addition to copyright, 18+ posts on your website write content about drugs and medicine, so you can not put Google's ads on your website.

      If you want Google AdSense approval, then it is important to follow Google's policy.

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      Why should I look for the Best Google Adsense alternatives?

      Some times we put such illegal content on our website, which we find difficult to get the approval of Google Adsense. So in this way, using the best google Adsense alternatives of Google Adsense, earning by showing ads on the website.

      If you visit daily 1k visitors on your website, then you can earn a good amount of money from all these Adsense alternatives.

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      Why Google Adsense is better than other ad networks.

      Have you ever wondered why Google Adsense is the best and popular ad network? So let's see. Google Adsense advertiser's ads are found on your website or blog. Google takes 100% money from Adsense advertiser. And 70% Google gives Adsense to its publisher, the remaining 30% is kept by Google.

      Its ads are also responsive and high-quality ads and it also pays on Impression, CPM, and CTR.

      There are some platforms that share 50% of income to their publisher and their ads are also not responsive.

      Many ad networks do not pay on the base of Impression, CPM, and CTR. He only gives earning according to click. There are so many differences that are not in another ad network.
      I have made the list of best gogle adsense alternatives keeping all these points in mind. It is all alternatives best and popular ad network. According to your requirement, you can select the ad network you want to use.
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      Best Google Adsense alternatives List -

      Program Name Minimum Payout Ads Type Payout Method Website Link $100 Contextual Ads Only Payoneer or Wire Transfer Apply
      PropellerAds $20 Various Types Papal or Payoneer Apply
      Adsterra $50 Various Type Bitcoin, Payments, Paxum,
      Webmoney, Wire bank,  Paypal
      Revenuehits $20 Various Type Paypal, Payoneer,
      Bank Wire.
      Pop Ads $5 Pop ads Only Paypal or Alert Pay Apply
      Adversal $20 Display & Video Ads. Paypal, Bank Wire,
      Check ACH
      Infolinks $50 In-fold, In-Text, In-Frame Ads Paypal, Payoneer,
      eCheck, ACH
      Chitika $10  Mobile Ads, Local Ads Paypal, Payoneer Apply
      ClickAdu $10 Various Type Paypal, Webmoney, Maxum Apply
      Skim Links $65 Affiliate marketing Ads Paypal Apply
      Viglink $10 Text Ads Paypal Apply
      PopCash $10 PopAds Paypal, Wire bank,
      Paxum, Skrill
      Evadav $25Popunder AdsSo many options Apply
      Revcontent $50 Various Type ACH or Bank wire Apply
      Adblade $100 Display Ads ACH or Bank Wire. Apply


      15 Best Google Adsense alternatives for blogger in 2020

      The largest ad network after Google Adsense is is the contextual Advertisement network of bing and Yahoo. We all know that after Google, bing is the only big search engine platform, so in this way, its ads also have high quality.

      Approval of is not easy. It also has the same requirement as google. But if traffic comes from the USA and Canada on your website then you will get approval easily. only approval the English blog. If your website is in Hindi are any Other language, then you can not take the approval of

      Type of ads -

      Type of ads - only contextual ads are available in The best thing about this ad network is that it shows related ads of the content. So in such a situation, there is a chance of clicking on ads and it can also earn more. Payment method -

      Payout in this is similar to Google Adsense. After the minimum payout is $ 100, you can transfer from Payoneer and Bank. If you want to create an account in, then you can sign in to Free for

      Apply Now

      2. Propeller Ads.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives
      Propeller ads
      It is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. In this ad network, you will get top-high-quality ads which can increase your earning. Currently, 350M people are working on this ad network. It is a famous and popular ad network.

      In the propellers Ads network, you cannot get approval on To take approval in this ad network, you must have a domain other than the domain.

      Type of ads -

      Talking about Ads format, there are many Ad formats available in it, such as Push Notification, Native Ads, One-click ads, Native Interstitials ads. But to put all these Ads on your website, your website should have an Alexa rank of 5000.

      If you are a new blogger then you can not put some popular ads format of this ad network.

      Payment -

      After the minimum payout in the propeller ad network is $ 20, you can payout with the help of Paypal and Payoneer.

      Requirement -

      • Your website's Alexa rank should be 5000. 
      • There should be no spam / illegal content

      Apply Now

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      3. Adsterra.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives

      It is also one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. The monthly impression of this ad network is 25B +. This ad network has ads that are very good and quality ads. In this, you will get a lot of ad format which can be good earning and there is a chance to be clicked.

      Type of ads -

      Talking about Ads format, it has many ad formats such as Display banner, Popunder, pre-roll video, Push notification, social ads, Direct link, and many such ads are available. It also pays you CPM.

      The best thing in this ad network is that direct link ad. You can make a good income by pasting the direct link as a link on your website. If you have a download website, you can make a good income with a direct link.

      In this Ad network, you can take approval on any website. Approval is also given within 2 or three hours.

      Payment -

      Talking about payment, after the minimum payout is $ 50, you can payout with the help of Bitcoin, Payments, Paxum, Webmoney, Wire bank, Paypal.

      Apply Now.

      4. RevenueHits.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives
      Revenue Hits

      Revenue hits are the best ad network in the alternative. Today more than 25000 people are using this ad network. Because it helps its publisher to generate more revenue through Art contextual and Geo-Targeted ad service technology.

      Type of ads -

      There are many aids in revenue hits such as Display Banner, Pop Ads, Footer ads, interstitial ads, slide ads, top banner ads. Dialog ad. The best thing in this ad network is that it also pays on CPM.

      Suppose a view comes on your website but even if there is no click, we can also make money from ad view. Any advertisement pays only after clicking on alternative ads. But also pays when looking at ads in Revenuehits

      Payment Method -

      Talking about the payment option, after complete $ 20, you can payout from Paypal, Payoneer, bank wire.

      Requirement -

      • There should be at least 20 posts on your blog. 
      • It does not support illegal / spam content.

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      Best Google Adsense alternatives

      It is the best and famous ad network. The best part of this ad network is that it gives easily approval to any website. If your website is on the Illegal/content, you can also take easily approval from this network.

      Note- Do not advise you to write illegal and spam content.

      Type of Ads -

      Talking about ads, it has only Pop ads. But your earnings can be very good only with pop ads. Because if anyone opens your website, they will first have a Pop ad show, in addition to this, if any post on the website opens, then the Pop ad will show. So you can earn More from this ad network.

      Payment -

      Talking about payment, After complete $5 you can Payout through Paypal or alert pay.


      • No requirement.

      6. Adversal.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives

      It is also a popular ad network. CTR is very good in this ad network. But there is some requirement of this network which is the same as google. If your website follows the requirement of this ad network, you can get approval easily.

      Ads Type - Display and video ads

      Payment method -

      The minimum payout of this ad network is $ 20. you can Payout through Paypal, bank wire, check, ACH.

      requirement -

      • Your website should have 50000 page views every month. 
      • There should not be any illegal content on your website. 
      There are many requirements that are similar to Google Adsense. But if your website gets good views then approval can be easily done.

      Apply Now.

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      7. Infolinks.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives

      Infolinks is one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives for Publishers. It pays money on Ad impression just like Google Adsense. If you have illegal content on your blog, it is difficult to get approval for Infolinks. It does not approve of illegal content.

      If you have good content on your blog, Google does not give approval for any reason, you can use this ad network. you can get the approval in 24 hours.

      Ads Type - In-fold, In-Text, In-Frame, Pop Ads

      Payment Method -

      After having $ 50 on the account, you can payout with the help of Paypal, Payoneer, check, ACH, and bank.

      Requirement -

      • The blog should not have illegal content 
      • At least 30 articles should be on your blog

      8. Chitika

      Chitika ad network is a very good ad network for the Beginner blogger. Because the requirement of this network is quite easy. A beginner blogger can easily complete this requirement. This gives approval on any language easily. If your blog is in Hindi, then it will be easily approved.

      Type of ads -

      Chitika ad network provides 3 types of aids such as search target ads, mobile ads, local ads. The most important thing about this ad network is that in this you can customize ads according to your own. You cannot customize ads in many ad networks. But in this ad network, you will be able to easily customize.

      In this, you can select yahoo and other advertiser's top ads on your blog.

      Payment -

      After completing $ 10 in your account, you can receive the payment from Paypal and Payoneer.

      Requirement -

      • Blog must have at least 10 articles 
      • Chitika does not approve spam / illegal content.

      Apply Now.

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      9. ClickAdu.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives

      It is a premium ad network. The ad quality of this network is very good. The daily impression of this ad network is 2B + and daily conversions are 3.3M. So we can imagine how good ads will be.

      If you are a beginner then you cannot take approval on this best google Adsense alternative. To get approval on this alternative, it is important to have traffic on your website. If you apply for approval without traffic, then it will be rejected.

      Type of ads -

      Talking about Ads Format, there are many AIDS formats like Instant Text message, Video Pre-roll, Popunder, Push Notification, skim ads Banner ads available.

      The best thing about this ad network is that if there is any video in your website, then it will also have ads show even if it is a video of youtube, it will also have ads show.

      Payment -

      Talking about the payment, after the Complete $10, you can payout with the help of Paypal, Webmoney, Maxum.

      • It Does Not Support Any Illegal content
      • There should be the least traffic on the website. 
      • There should be no gambling content. 
      The requirement of this ad network is a bit like that of Google. But approval can be easily taken if traffic comes to the website.

      Apply Now.

      10. SkimLinks.

      Best Google Adsense alternatives

      Skim links are one of the popular Google Adsense alternatives. It provides high-quality affiliate ads to its publisher. If you have an Ecomers website then this is the best ad network for you.

      Type of ads -

      In this ad network, you have shows related to amazon products. If anyone clicks on that product and does the shopping, then you can earn. The good thing in this is that it shows related ads of your content. Then it changes to buy that product

      The worldwide publisher of skim links is 60000. And earning it can also be done quite well.

      Payment -

      After the minimum payout in Skim links is $ 65, you can payout directly with the help of Paypal.

      Requirement -

      • No illegal content should be on the website. 
      •  The domain name of your website should not be the name of any brand or product.
      Apply Now.

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      Some List of Best Google Adsense alternatives -

      11. Viglink - Apply Now.

      12. PopCash - Apply Now.

      13. Evadav - Apply Now.

      14. Revcontent - Apply Now.

      15. Adblade - Apply Now.

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      Google Adsense alternatives consultation -

      Hopefully, you will get the best Google Adsense alternatives from this article. If you have any questions, do comment to me and ask. I will definitely try to replay. If you liked this article, then your friends must also share this article on Facebook or WhatsApp group.

      I Hope You Like this Article. Thanks For Reading. Have A Nice Day.

      Sunday, May 10, 2020

      30 Best High-Profit Small Business idea for 2020 - 24smartphones

      30 Best High-Profit Small Business Idea For 2020

      Hello, friends, everyone wants to start their own business in addition to working under the other. 1000 people stand for a job in every field even if the salary of that job is 10000 is ready to do the job.

      So we should start a business of our own. I have talked about 30 small business ideas in this article. If you want to earn money by doing a small business, then try this small business idea once. With this small business you can earn from 30000 to 40000 rupees every month and you can also earn more.
      30 Best High-Profit Small Business idea for 2020
      Small Business Idea

      How To Start a Small Business.

      Some people think that crores of rupees have to be spent to do Business. But this is wrong thinking. You can also become a big businessman by doing small business.

      For example, see Dhirubhai Ambani. He started a small business and started doing business to a large level. He is the most common man in Asia. Today, their network is $ 60.5 Billion dollars. Similarly, you can start a small business and go on a big level.

      The important point to start a business -

      • You should select only the business on which you have an interest.
      • You should have some knowledge about that business.
      • There should be information about whether there is a profit in that business.

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      How to choose which type of Small Business is best.

      Suppose your friend has a hotel and has a good profit. So in this way, he will give you advice that you also start a hotel. You have started the hotel in the greed of profit. But you do not know anything about the hotel, then you cannot profit from that business.

      So we should start the business on which we have an interest and the business that can profit after doing that business.

      Small Business idea service List -

        1. web Designing service.

        If you have complete knowledge about coding or you have course web designing, then you can start this service.

        To start this service you will have to hire a minimum of 3 or 4, web developers. There are many websites on the internet through which you can hire web developers. For example, freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, on such a big website, you can hire a web developer. If you have money to invest, in this you will get a lot of professional web developers that you can hire.

        But if you have a Minimum budget, then you can go to the Internshala website. Web developers will get only ₹ 5000 or ₹ 6000 on this website. Because there are all freshers on this website and you have to start your own website developer service by selecting good people from them.

        2. Advertisements consulting service. 

        There are many such companies in the market that you want to advertise products. So you have to approach those communes and market those products.

        In this service, you should know about Google advertisement, Facebook advertisement, youtube advertisement, and other advertisements. If you advertise any of the products in this, then you can earn 20000 or 30000 rupees every month and you can also earn more.

        3. App Developing service. 

        If you have complete knowledge about android apps or if you have a course your app development. so you can start your own app development service.

        A lot of eCommerce needs an app for their business, so you have to develop an app for those companies. 50000 rupees for developing an app and can charge more than that. If you are interested in developing the app, then you can start this service.

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        4.  Advertisement video editing service.

        There are many companies that want to make an advertising video for their products. Want to promote your products in people through video. So in this way, you can make a separate video for those companies and give it a good money charge.

        With this small business idea, you can also grow your carrier and earn money.

        5. Web hosting Service. 

        Hosting is required to run the website. You can start a web hosting service. One can buy personal hosting and start the web hosting service.

        There are many websites to buy personal hostings such as Godaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator you can use the hosting of the website.

        This hosting can provide your web hosting service to the customer by divide it into one part. This service can give you a good profit. Can earn up to Rs 5000 by buying web hosting for Rs 1000.

         6. Printing service business. 

        Every small business needs things like a template, banner, visiting card to do their advertisement. So by buying a printing mission, you can start your own service.

        You can charge up to Rs 1000 to print the 1000 template. To be seen, only Rs. 400 or Rs. 500 is charged for printing 1000 templates.  So you get a profit up to ₹ 500 by printing a thousand templates.

        Suppose you have a big businessman coming and he needs a 1 lakh template. So you can earn a profit up to Rs 50000 by printing 1 lakh template.

        It is a small business but you can get more profit from this business. So you can start this business and earn money.

        7. Business Consulting Service. 

        If you know more about business, you can start this service.  Business Consulting is needed to grow the new business well.  In this service, you need to tell the business owner new ideas about business growth. Which can grow business? With this service, you can charge consulting from the business owner.

        8. Software Development Service.

        Big shops and moll need software for their business. Through that software, they can do all the work they need. So you have to make that software. By creating software, you can charge money from 5 to 10 lakh. And to develop that software, you can take fees up to Rs. 20000 or 30000.

        Apart from this, if any work is done on the Internet, the software is required. Whether it is video editing software or photo editing software. You can make your own software and sell that software in the market.

        9. Graphic designing service. 

        Graphic designing service is an interesting and popular service. Also, you can earn up to 1 lakh rupees every month from this service.

        Uses of Graphic design in Small Business -

        •  Companies need a Graphic designer to create new games.
        •  Any small and big businessman also needs a graphic designer to make a company logo.
        • The graphic is also required to make movies.
        There is a lot of work that requires graphic designers.  If you're a successful graphic designer, you can earn money by starting your own graphic designing Business.

        10. Mobile repair service. 

        The demand for mobiles is increasing day by day in the market. Every day people get to see some problems inside the mobile.

        Mobile Common Problems - 

        •  Battery Drainage.
        •  Virus inside the phone
        • Phone heating
        • Password recovery
        There are many problems like this. And go to the mobile repair service to solve the problem. If you know too much about mobile then you can start your own mobile repair service. With that small business idea, you can earn a lot of money.

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        11. Computer service.

        On today's, everyone has a laptop or computer. Every day new problems are seen on the computer. 

        Computer Common Problems-
        •  virus 
        • Battery damage 
        • Overheat 
        There are many problems that can be seen on a computer. If you have complete information about the computer, then you can start this service.

        12. Photography service. 

        If you like photography, then you can start this service. Photography is a popular and interesting service. If the competition of this service is not so much in the market, then you can earn money by starting this service.

        13. Home Interior Design Service.

        People hire interior designers for the design of a new home or office. If you have good knowledge to design, then you can start this service. You do not have to spend even one rupee on this service.

        The customer gives all the money in this business. You have to design the house a bit by using that money properly. From this business, you can charge up to 20000 or 30000 rupees from the costumer.

        14. Pet Grooming Service. 

        Many people like to keep the pet in their houses. In this way, the Pet Grooming service is needed to keep the pet clean and healthy. If you have a lot of knowledge about pets, then you can start this small business. The computation of this business is also low in the market and the demand for this business is also very high.

        15.  Wedding photography service. 

        If you like photography and editing photos, then you can start this small business. In this service, you have to take a photo in the marriage and edit and print all that photo. You can charge up to 20 or 30 rupees for editing and printing a photo.

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        16.  Food delivery service.

        There are many hotels that need a person to do home delivery of food. If you like to do food delivery, then you can start the food delivery service. Apart from this, there are many companies in which you can take a delivery boy job like Uber eats, Zomato, Swiggy can do a job in this company.

        Personal care service business idea.

        All services are personal services.

        17. Home Tuition Service.

        If you are a teacher, you can start the home tuition service. In this service, you can earn money sitting at home. You can earn money by teaching children around you. With this small business, you can easily earn 2000 or 30000 rupees every month. If you have too many students, then earning will be more.

        18. Gym training service.

        If you know more about the gym then you can start this business. In this business, you have to do gym exercise training to a particular person and help him to exercise.

        By doing this service, one can take fees from that person. The more you train people, the more money you can earn.

        19. Private yoga service. 

        If you have knowledge about yoga then you can start this service. early morning Many people go to the garden or park to do yoga. So you can give yoga training by contacting all those people. And you can also charge fees from them. You can also earn more income from this service. The more people, the more your income will increase. 

        If you are interested in this small business idea, then you can start this service. You can earn money by using this service like Partime service.

        20. Baby care service. 

        Many people want a baby care service to take care of their children. In this service, you have to feed the children from time to time and spend time. If you can take care of the children well, then you can start this business.

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        21. Transport service.

        In this service, you have to transport goods from one place to another. With this service, you can earn up to Rs. 30000 or 40000 per month and earn more than this.  If you have an interest in this business, you can start the transport service.

        22. Private driver service. 

        Many people are such that they have a car but do not know how to drive the car, then a private driver takes help from the service. In this service, you have to take the car wherever it is. You can also take some fees to do this service.

        23. Car washing service. 

        In this business, you can earn money by washing the car. The more car you wash, the more income you can generate. You can also wash a motorcycle with a car. Demand is also very high in the market of this service, so you can earn money by starting this car washing service.

        24. Language Translation Service.

        At most levels, this service leader and big businessman only use it. Because those people have to go to another country. So language translation is required to understand the language of that country. If you know a lot of languages then you can start this service.

        With this service, you can earn up to lakhs of rupees. There is no competition for this service in the market and the demand for this service is also very high.

        25. Icecream service.

        A lot of people like ice cream. In the summer season, the ice cream business runs in very high profit. If you open the ice cream shop, which is a more wake up the population, then you can earn up to 2000 rupees every day.

        Popular High-Profit Small Business Idea service list - 

        26. Panipuri Business Idea

        27. Pickles Business idea

        28. Handmade Chocolate Business Idea

        29. Bakery Business Idea

        30. Restaurant Business Idea

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        Small Business Idea Consultation -

        I hope you like this post with a small business idea. If there is any suggestion, I can comment and ask. I will definitely try to replay to your comment. Share this article with your friends too so that they can also make their carrier.

        Thanks For Reading this Article. Have a Nice Day.